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Book 2 of The Ingenious Trilogy

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A fractured heart

A shaky first step

A journey of discovery


The Ingenious and the Heart of Shattered Glass is the second book of The Ingenious Trilogy. A beautiful and emotional interweaving of art, science, and nature.

The Ingenious teenagers are traumatised after delving into the murderous Karl König’s mind. Tai Jones is struggling with the shock of aging after misusing his powers. And in a rare moment of lucidity, the ailing Dr Kendra has revealed, through a cryptic riddle, the whereabouts of one of the missing Ingenious children – so they send out a search party to the Amazon jungle to find her.

Meanwhile, a team of scientists is brought together to work on the cure to save the children – headed by the Russian Dr Vassiliev, the only person in the world with the technical knowledge to complete it. But when he mysteriously disappears, they’re surprised to find that the key to getting him back comes unexpectedly from an animal. And to Professor Wolff’s shock, that animal also has an impossible memory linked to his own tragic past.

As they search for the missing scientist, as well as the Ingenious girl lost in the jungle, the teenagers make an upsetting discovery about the origin of their genius genes – thrusting them ever closer to a common and disturbing relative...


Sometimes, the most beautiful things come from piecing together the fragments of a broken heart.

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